Glass Refurbishing and Sealing Kit

Clean the pores of your glass, getting rid of water stains and soap scum, and then seal up the pores to prevent future damage.


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Product Description

This product includes 2 bottles which are used to remove spots on glass then seal the pores, protecting the glass for up to 10 years. For old showers, apply Vitranova to remove any old spots/soap scum from glass. For new showers, use Vindico to seal the glass to repel water and prevent soap spots/mineral deposits.

Bottle 1 (Vitranova)

Spray the heavy duty cleaner from bottle 1 on the white side of the supplied sponge and scrub the glass both horizontally and vertically until the glass is clean. Then rinse with water and dry the surface.

Bottle 2 (Vindico)

Spray the coating onto of the glass in an even manner, and use the supplied cloth to spread the coating over the surface. Then use the cloth to buff the glass using circular motions until the glass surface is clean and clear. If the glass area is large, work in smaller sections. Care should be given to not use an excessive amount of the coating, use just enough to cover the entire surface. The coating will begin reacting within a few hours and curing will be complete within 24 hours. Once cured, the glass will be hydrophobic (repel water). To ensure the greatest durability of the coating, do not allow the surface to get wet or apply anything to the surface until fully cured.


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